About Dbytes

Dbytes is a weekly eNewsletter presenting news and views on biodiversity conservation and environmental decision science. For the past decade Dbytes has been supported by a variety of research networks and primarily the Centre of Excellence for Environmental Decisions (CEED). From 2019, Dbytes is being produced by David Salt (Ywords). Dbytes is supported by the Global Water Forum (which has its own newsletter called The Delta for anyone who appreciates regular updates about the lastest science emerging from the water world. Like Dbytes, it’s free. Simply visit The Delta and sign up.)

If you have any contributions to Dbytes (ie, opportunities and resources that you think might think be of value to other Dbyte readers) please send them to David.Salt@anu.edu.au. Please keep them short and provide a link for more info.

Anyone is welcome to receive Dbytes. If you would like to received it, send me an email and I’ll add you to the list (via Mailchimp noting that many unis are blocking this email) OR simply enter your email on this word press site and you’ll be sent each post as I publish them (at this point unis are not blocking these emails).

David Salt

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